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Shawati: Fashion and Personal development Champion

Speaker Introduction:

Sharifah Shawati Syed Mohdyed Mohd

Most Promising International Designer Award 2017 & Designer Of The Year Professor Dato Jimmy Choo Trophy 2018 [Malaysia Fashion Week 2017 & 2018 by Stylo Mercedes Benz}

Meet her at the:

Women Empowerment Panel discussion 15th of May 9pm Kuala Lumpur time An open discussion about Empowerment. Join us for this event and bring your questions. We will have 6 amazing Women sharing their perspective

To register and get invitation go to:

CEO of Adamaya Consultancy and Services Sdn Bhd Datin Shawati has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Dublin Metropolitan University in Ireland.

• She is one of the 500 trainers in Malaysia certified as NS [Neuro-Semantics] & NLP [Neuro –Linguistic] Master Practitioner Coach. This remarkable and exclusive certification enables Datin Shawati to train and coach corporations or individual on developing Emotional Intelligence, The Art of Persuasion, Rapport Building, Communication using powerful words,Understanding Human Beings, Building Healthy Relationships in one’s career and personal life using proven powerful techniques of NLP.

• As Brand Relationship Consultant at, Datin Shawati serves AirAsia by offering her consulting services to manage both local and overseas brands joining the ecommerce platform.

• Adamaya Online is handling the retail business online and in the department stores local and Internationally producing clothes collections and gourmet food products with the brand name of Adamaya.

Her many experiences begin as a TV Presenter and News Anchor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at government station called RTM for 5 years. She later joined a private TV station called TV3 for 8 years as an anchor for live talk shows on women’s issues. She also had her own shows called ‘Fesyen’, ‘Di Sebalik Tabir’ and ‘Wanita Hari Ini’ besides reading the prime time bulletins. Her years in broadcasting have allowed her to expand her attributes by appearing as public speaker for various events and emceeing at different social and business events for 13 years.

Check her Book referral video here:

Connect with Shawati:

Instagram: shshawati 

Facebook:  Sharifah Shawati Syed Mohdyed Mohd (3 acc)

Adamaya Retail 

Linkedin:  Sharifah Shawati Syed Mohd

See you on Friday:

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