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Andrea Zsapka
Welcome at our communityWWW MEMBER 2020
Thank you for the supportSpeaker2020


GOOD MORNING🌹Exciting Dat at GED2022

Program below.

Today we have two Masterclasses

10 am SGT

How to create habits and Routines

with Angela Eimer

4 pm

How to create digital wealth on a safe way with Wassim Dabboussi and Michael Hazilias

👆Emails sent with Access details for those who are eligible to attend

💥In between 4 interviews


Nora Abu Hassan Born to smile

👉12.30 pm

The Cheryl Witha show


Nishit Shah Stepping into trust

for yourself

👉3.30 pm

The key to unleashing your best self Mr Babaola


8pm SGT

Metaverse Networking event in a Meta space from sponsored by METAHUB and Jamie.

Email sent with instructions and access. Everyone can join.

We meet in a Zoom for a short tutorial than we see eachother again in the GES Metaspace

See you soon!


Andrea Zsapka


Welcome to the SUMMIT PARTICIPANTS group! Connect with other...

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