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Why is it beneficial to be active member of the GEH Hub

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

The GEH Hub and summits with the eyes of the members💕Thank you @jagklmu

Jagathis became an E-Book Author

“To foster a culture of Reading Habits amongst Gen-Y.”

Global Empowerment Hub
Jagathis one of the Founding members of the GEH


"I was once a disbeliever of online programs and connectivity. Since the pandemic accelerated the entire situation has changed my perception, though l am retired the digital era has taken a toll on me.

Today, through this platform I have learned a lot about how to use digital technology. l have excepted me well enough to understand the concept of virtual programs.

I was attending the Global Empowerment Summit (GES) as a speaker to encourage the young generations to foster a culture of reading habits.


The Weekly Hubbers Meetup zoom session conducted by Andrea Zsapka is the result of me staying with her for 3 years since she started.

And I am proud to say I am one of her first candidates globally to join and participate in all her engagements.

Been one of the pioneers among many professional members truly l have learned and still learning many areas of interest.

I​ decided to share quick takeaways from my learning journey with my circle of networks.

The take always revolves around 3E’s; Embrace (Values), Enhance (Improve) and Empower (Strong).

The power of all three is to create a community of togetherness was an eye-opening journey for me.

Thank you Hubbers!"

Join us and see how heart-centred people can add value to your life.❤

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