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We asked our Members why did they join the GEH Community

Its always good to reflect on what we are doing , why we are doing it and who we are doing it for. Time to time I ask the question, if the platform we created is still serving its members and what can we do better.

Here are the answers to the question from our Members:

What benefits do you gain from joining our global community?

  • Personal Growth and Development:

- To grow and learn together.

- Become a motivational speaker.

- Teaching, guiding, and branding.

- Personal growth and collaboration opportunities.

- Lifelong learning.

- Developing in a community to ensure senior citizens' knowledge is imparted and put to good use.

- My personal aim is to get more experience.

  • Networking and Community Building:

- Networking.

- Expand my network.

- Expanding my network.

- Building my network.

- Building and engaging with a supportive community.

- Connecting and sharing resources that build new ways of being and creating together.

- Build community.

- Strengthen network and connectivity for business.

- Network more with like-minded people & also learn new techniques

- Gain new knowledge with & through this network.

- Network with global speakers.

  • Global Impact and Innovation:

- To impact lives and make a positive global impact.

- Support people globally and make a positive impact.

- Spreading innovation and acts of innovation.

- Ever evolving and hoping to get more involved.

- Spread awareness about the importance of understanding each other and mutual respect.

- Empowerment through global speaker networks.

  • Business and Professional Growth:

- Global Real-time networking in businesses, especially in IT.

- It will give me an opportunity to get to network and learn from fellow speakers and entrepreneurs.

- Promote my services and share my knowledge.

- More visibility as a coach and getting more speaking engagements with the connections/network built.

- Increased visibility in the region.

  • Knowledge Sharing and Learning:

- Knowing other speakers and their journey of life.

- Gaining knowledge and expertise from diverse communities and countries.

- Learning from other speakers and their life journeys.

- Learning about digital technology.

- To learn from my fellow speakers.

- To share knowledge and learn from others.

- To help each other to improve our knowledge to be a better person.

- To strengthen network and connectivity for business.

  • Well-being and Inclusivity:

- To make people feel positive and smile.

- Promoting inclusive well-being.

- Reduce the stigma on mental health.

- Support everyone that I can to elevate their mental health

- Create more deep connections.

- Growing a community of open-hearted individuals

- Open people up to the Vulnerability in Leadership concept and how to integrate it into their everyday life.

- Promote inclusive well-being.

- Empowerment.

  • Promotion and Branding:

- Spread the word and acts of Innovation.

- Create branding and increase business opportunities.


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