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The secret of my "diversity hat" 👇💃

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

How could I explain diversity if I couldn't speak?I would just show up in my colourful hat.💃

#diversity is the most powerful asset we have, and it can be a fearful tool too in not appropriate hands

The problem is that instead of focusing on the:


▶the powerplay

▶the significance

▶the ego

💃We need to focus on the beauty of diverse unions.

Look at these words below:

▶women empowerment

▶black and white

▶foreign, immigrant

▶educated not educated

▶third world

Have you realised they are all labels used to separate people from each other?

Once you understand the true power of yin and yang, the real meaning of diversity you will see there is a way around this.

Seeing people for who they are, just like we dancers do.

We see the pure soul once we connect

▶instead of expectations, we open up to listen

▶instead of putting labels, we explore the uniqueness

▶instead of creating a barrier, we build a union

▶instead of overpowering, we uplift each other

Humanity needs to understand this before it's too late.

With focusing on scarce resources, power imbalance and gaps.

With focusing on the significance

Lof people will suffer and it's not the way to go

💃The true power of humankind lies in collaboration and understanding

💃A mutual benefit has to be there, I give and take, but I give first

❤Peace to you my Friends

💃Artists let's heal the world

Dare to dance your way!

The Dancing Economist

Join the Global Empowerment Summit and experience the real power of diversity.

Global Empowerment Summit

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