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Taking Ownership of Goals

by Khairul Anuar Safiullah Coach | Trainer | Facilitator | Inspiring breakthroughs in individuals, teams and organizations

Hi folks! I hope your goals are in now in place and you are somewhat able to keep your commitment in achieving your goals. In this article, let’s take a look at taking ownership of your goals. In the local Manglish, it’s “die-die must achieve those goals!” kind of attitude is what we are talking about here. How do we inculcate that ownership into our goals?

First of all, what is taking ownership? Taking ownership is a simple yet very powerful concept. It presents a huge opportunity that most people miss.

Taking ownership of something means standing up and announcing that you are responsible towards achieving an objective. It means that you are accountable for the results produced, the tasks needed to get it done and doing whatever it takes to create the results you desire, including the stuff that is exciting to do and not so exciting to do. Taking ownership requires you to have an enthusiastic and active commitment. It means the success or failure of your goals rests entirely on you.

The first tenet in taking ownership is “If it’s to be, it’s up to me”. Be responsible in taking the necessary action and be accountable for the results of those action. This will also require proper management of expectation where focus is on managing what we can control and letting go of what we cannot control. Therefore, most of the actions we make must involve elements of whether we can control the outcome or not.

The second tenet is “100% possible 100% of the time”. The believe that what we aim for will happen is crucial in creating enthusiasm and drive in taking action. It gives a sense of purpose and hope. “Ok Coach,” you say. “I won’t fail, right?” you say. I am not saying there is no possibility of failure or setbacks in the actions that you take. What I am saying is, if what you are doing is not giving you the results you want, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY.

The third tenet is “My actions are dictated by my vision, not my emotions”. Do we have to be emotionless? No! We are humans. We feel emotions such as sadness, joy and frustration. We feel tired, we feel happy and we feel sleepy. This is normal. It’s ok to be tired and its ok to be sad. Its what you do with respect to the emotions that are important. When you are tired, rest. When you are sad, acknowledge it and cry if you need to. The big question is “For How Long?”. Just short enough and ust long enough for you to come back and play the game 100%.

In essence, taking ownership is another level higher above commitment. It puts the responsibility and accountability of achieving that goal on your shoulders and your shoulders alone. If achieving the goal requires support from others, how do you influence and enroll other people to be in your corner when needed? It’s all up to you! Just go and do it!

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