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Have-Do-Be vs Be-Do-Have in Goal Setting

by Khairul Anuar Safiullah Coach | Trainer | Facilitator | Inspiring breakthroughs in individuals, teams and organizations

The past 2 articles we have gone deep down into goal setting and its mechanics. They were designed to help clear goals that are attainable and realistic, as well as set mechanisms on tracking and review of those goals in terms of progress and effectiveness of action. In this article, let’s focus on actually getting moving on those goals.

The best way for me to explain the above is by sharing how I completed a goal of mine using the Have-Do-Be in comparison to the Be-Do-Have principles. The goal was to complete a triathlon event, originally set to be achieved within a 12-month period.

To illustrate the backdrop of the goal, here are some information about that goal. I set a goal to complete a Sprint Triathlon Event at The Port Dickson International Triathlon in 12 months. A simple, clear and time bound goal. Needless to say, this goal exceeded its time period of 12 months and was never achieved. Why?

I prepared for it using the Have-Do-Be approached. Here is how the Have-Do-Be approach worked:

Have – I must first be able to swim, bike and run a certain distance over a certain time to ensure that I was well prepared for the event and that I would not embarrass myself by coming in last. I must achieve a certain body weight level. I did not want to be that guys that drops dead at the finish line in view of thousands of spectators and make a fool out of myself. I did not want to be that overweight guy who does not deserve to compete in a triathlon against those slim, muscular guys, the guys that will sneer and laugh at this fat dude.

Do- Once I have achieved the above requirements, I will then register for the event and compete.

Be – Once I registered and completed the event, I will be a triathlete and would have achieved my goal.

Again, this goal did not materialize no matter how much work I put into it. I missed training session due to work, my weight yo-yoed up and down while I was dealing with injuries, I had family to take care off, I missed the registration deadline and thousands of other excuses that kept me from completing this goal.

During my participation in the Asiaworks Leadership Program (LP), this goal resurfaced. I acknowledged that this is a challenging goal to achieve and it would stretch my resources to achieve it. My LP mates challenged me to achieve this goal during the LP program. Knowing it would be a meaningful personal accomplishment and wanting to inspire others towards achieving their own goals, I accepted the challenge.

I approached the goal using a Be-Do-Have attitude this way round.

Be – I decided that I will complete a triathlon event. Given my current fitness level, I chose a mini event which was about 5 weeks away from the time I registered. It does not have to be the PD Triathlon. This is it! I announced my decision to my LP mates who pledged to support my cause using whatever it takes, which includes tracking my weekly training and kicking my butt when there was need.

Do – I trained as much as I could, as hard as I could while avoiding injury and overtraining. I took care of my rests and nutrition when and where I could. It was not perfect. It was based on what I could do at any given time. I showed up on race day worrying how I’ll look in a tri suit with a bulging gut. That worry soon went away as the adrenaline kicked in. I raced as hard as I can. My LP mates ran with me on the run course and cheered me till the finish line.

Have – I now have my goal.

Given the 2 mechanics above, Be-Do-Have just stopped me from thinking too much. It eliminated the prerequisites that I imposed on myself before I could register for an event, let alone compete in one. It allowed me to get moving, to start something out of nothing. We call this “Creation”. Have-Do-Be was “prediction”. I competed in a Mini event rather than a Sprint Event, which was shorter and more realistic taking into consideration my schedule and commitments. It allowed me to work on my goals without focusing on my considerations, but on my effort.

Whatever your goals are, leave your worries behind and just get moving. Till next time, jumpa lagi!

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