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Let me introduce you to Snekha, here is her amazing piece on Empowerment that she sent us for the GWE SUMMIT EMPOWERMENT CONTEST:

"Empowerment can mean a lot of meanings to different people as to how they look or have experienced life. To me as a youth and women of today’s society, empowerment means being able to conquer anything with no doubt, no judgements, freedom and confidence. In other words, empowerment to me is feeling like a girl boss, a term we women use to describe a confident, capable woman who pursues her own ambitions instead of working for others or otherwise settling in life.

Empowerment is definitely something that is extremely crucial to have and feel throughout all phases of life. Empowerment’s intent is far more than just letting someone else complete whatever task you assign, because it is easy and/or time consuming. In my intention, empowerment is the process of giving someone motivation, hope and feel of acceptance in what they have to offer in any aspect.

People tend to overlook the concept and say that empowerment can happen overnight such as when someone walks up to you saying “You’re strong”, of course this gives a moment of empowerment and strength when we are low but to pursue a strong foundation of empowerment happens a step a day. Feeling empowered is to come from the within first mentally and then reflect physically.

To me personally, empowerment can happen in many ways and all it takes is little changes along the way. It can start by listening to empowering talks, podcasts and even TedTalks! Another little change that can help drastically is having to read daily positive affirmations. In relation to reading positive affirmations, listening to inspiring songs that get you out of bed and out of negative thoughts.

Referring to the quote I have mentioned above, “I came here to conquer” has been a very motivational and inspirational quote that I’ve stood by for the longest time. We all have a purpose towards our life and feeling that you are able to conquer anything is a result of being empowered. People will always have something to say and or have something against you for little to no reasons but those are forms of empowerment as they are reasons to why we should do what we want to do and get done. It’s not exactly to show them but to manifest your side and show that they were the reason for you to bring yourself up and empowered to get the work done. At the same time, we need to understand that empowerment can come from anyone and anything.

From my experience, I would say that my main source of empowerment is music. Music has its ways around me that I can’t explain, sometimes all it takes is the words of a song to cheer me up and give me the motivation I need to get my feet up to get the day done! With that, in my opinion a current song that gives me empowered feels from mind to body is a song name Pray by Jaden Hossler. This song goes from a dark thought mind that turns them into a positive light. It’s such songs that gives us a sense of hope, strength and positivity.

Overall, empowerment is an extremely important skill required in each individual. Many are still finding their ways to the right track of empowerment and with such an inspiring event towards empowerment, I’m looking forward to gaining great knowledge and empowering feels."

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