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Commitment in Achieving Goals

by Khairul Anuar Safiullah Coach | Trainer | Facilitator | Inspiring breakthroughs in individuals, teams and organizations

Hi folks! We shall be continuing our article series on goals, and I believe it is time to touch on this very important subject. We have talked about how to make goals clear, measurable, trackable and reviewable. All of these actions allow you to see where you are in terms of progress. This article will look into the factors that keeps you going.

I found two good definitions of commitment:

1. the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

2. an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.

The first definition denotes a state of willingness, the second one denotes a state of obligation. Which one is better, do you think? In my opinion, acknowledging that both factors of willingness and obligations exist would paint a truer picture.

You’ll need to come to terms that in a quest to achieve one objective, there will be a need to forgo some actions that are not in line with the objectives. A good example of this would be in the quest to lose weight, you will need to restrict calorie intake as well as have a balanced diet. It means cutting down on sugar and carbohydrate intake. Hence, the question we asked in the first article comes to mind; what I will gain and what will I lose in achieving this goal needs a clear and honest answer. Answering this question honestly and obtaining agreement on the gain and lose part leads us to the next issue, which is desire.

Now that you have agreed to gain and lose some parts of daily life in lieu of this goal, let’s see how badly you desire to achieve this goal. This compelling desire will be the fire that burns you throughout the journey of achieving this goal. It will be your justification on gaining and losing some aspects of life that could be important and meaningful to you. On the days when things get tough, this desire will keep everything in check and in line with your goals. Understanding the “why” part of a goal builds a strong desire.

The phrase “My vision and commitment dictate my actions, not my emotions and judgement” comes to life when compelling desire is fully established. Here, all actions that we do or do not do should be aligned towards achieving the goal set. Objective perspective of actions in relation to outcome desired will be easily defined, whether the actions requires a willingness to be completed or it requires a restriction of action and needs to be forgone. In other words, to use the weight loss example above, to eat healthy (willingness) and to forgo sugar and carbohydrates (restriction).

I am going to stop here and allow you to digest the above details before we continue any further on this topic. The next few articles will deal with commitment, as well as taking ownership of a goal. These are crucial elements in achieving goals and should be well understood. Till next time, jumpa lagi!

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