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TAKING 2 WEEKS Off DIGITAL ... I mean hmm I am getting back to normal.😉

♥️I am from a generation before smart phones and social media, so I am up for a time travel in the next two weeks.

♥️This years Global Empowerment Summit is around the corner and it requires me to be online a lot in the rest of the year, so before starting the event organizing process I zoom out to be able to zoom in, because I will need my laser sharp focus.

Let's see how I will manage. Will let you know how it went. See you soon♥️

✍️I am curious about your experience too write it in the comments. 👇

Here is a great summary about digital detox by Health Cleavaland Clinic.

👉What is Digital detox:

Taking a break from using electronic devices or certain media for a period of time, from a few days to several months.

Things people avoid during a digital detox may include:

🔹Checking email. 🔹Playing video games. 🔹Scrolling social media. 🔹Text messaging. 🔹Using smartphones or tablets. 🔹Watching news or other TV programs."

👉Why do we need to unplug:

“Social media connects us with others in many beneficial ways,”

“But at the same time, it can also have an unhealthy effect on people.”

Negative social media experiences can trigger anxiety and depression and affect self-esteem.

👉This includes:

🔹Being angry or upset over posted content. 🔹Cyberbullying (online verbal bullying). 🔹Fear of missing out (FOMO). 🔹Feelings of isolation. 🔹Social comparison"


🔹Sharper Focus 🔹Less stress 🔹Better social interactions 🔹More control of your time

👉Signs you need some Digital Detox:

🔹Depressed mood. 🔹Increased irritability, frustration or anger. 🔹Feeling insecure. 🔹Loss of sleep or interrupted sleep. 🔹Feeling obligated to consume, respond, react or check iin

👉How to do it

🔹Make your plan 🔹Inform your connections 🔹Get rid of guilt 🔹Enjoy the break 🔹Get some support

Source: Health Cleveland Clinic

🤔✍️How do you unplug from your devices? Do you find it important? 👇Write it in the comments.

Keep the comments coming I will read it after the 20th of June. The more the merrier. 🤗😉💃

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